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Zhou Yuanyuan


My first impression on Mr. Wang Yong was that he was poised, gentle and well-cultivated. So I suggested a business jacket made of worsted wool, a sky blue shirt which can brighten his complexion and a pair of all-round elastic casual pants which are comfortable to wear and easy to be taken care of! The whole outfit is suitable for workplace and business negotiation. And the jacket can also be matched with a sweater and a pair of five-pocket pants for parties or shopping! All of them are good choices.

Shop:K-BOXING Store, Xintiandi Shopping Park, Changchun

Address:JILINXintiandi Shopping Park, Erdao District, Changchun City




Lin Xiaoyan


My first impression on Mr. Zhao was his wisdom and confidence. The suit of fashionable business style can better manifest his temperament. And the bright teeth zipper design is novel and unique. The under wear is an Australian super-fine woolen sweater. Comfortable to wear. The trousers are a pair of black casual trousers. It’s a good choice for both workplace and business trip. Business travel all-match pants and five-pocket pants are also good to manifest his gentleness.

Shop:Paris Spring Self-operated Store, Changchun City

Address:长春Paris Spring Store, No. 1055 Gongnong Avenue, Changchun City




Li Dongxue


Mr. Wang impressed me with his gentleness. So I suggested a business casual jacket made of wool and cashmere blended material. With a high-quality senior grey worsted woolen sweater and a pair of black casual pants, it would be perfect for workplace and business negotiation. It can also be matched with dark color jeans to bring out the fashion of Mr. Wang.

Shop:Yatai Fuyuan K-BOXING Self-operated Store, Changchun City

Address:JilinFloor 4, Yatai Fuyuan Shopping Mall, Chongqing Road, Nanguan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province




Liu Cuiping


Mr. Chen was very sunny and fashionable in my impression. So I chose a K-BOXING wind coat of fashion show type. It was matched with a senior grey cotton shirt, comfortable and high-end. With a pair of all-round elastic casual pants, it will be a best choice not only for workplace but for travelling. It can be also matched with five-pocket trousers or jeans to highlight the youth and vigor.

Shop:K-Boxing, Wanhao City, Changchun City

Address:JilinEast of Yangpu Avenue of Development zone, North of Hefei Road, Urban Complex Wanhao City, East Urban Square, Changchun




Guo Chengming


My first impression on Mr. Zhen was that he was a gentle, calm and tasteful successful man. So the attire chosen for Mr. Zhang is new business style. The jacket is Welsh plaid single suit which adopts 3D cutting, comfortable and free from constraint. The under wearing is 100% Australian superfine Merino cardigan, comfortable, soft and easy to match clothes. The trousers are a comfortable and high-end casual trousers…the whole outfit is comfortable, decent, warm and graceful, which is perfect for workplace and business trip. Mr. Zhen can also replace the jacket with woolen overcoat or medium or long jacket.

Shop:Songshan Road Store 2, Shuangyang District, Changchun City

Address:JilinOpposite to Hengkelong Market, Songshan Road, Shuangyang District, Changchun Province